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21st Century Dance – From Flash Mobs to Tap Dancing

There are a number of dancing styles that is accompanied with or without music, some are collaborative and indeed the accompanying sounds are produced by the participants. Dance has in certain cultures been thought of as an art form, while others tend to associate it to a physical workout or view it as part of a ceremony.

Whatever perspective has been viewed from, dance has formed an important aspect of different cultures since the earliest recorded activities of human civilization – forming integral parts of ceremony, rituals, celebration or general entertainment. It is hard to be certain of when the notion of dance was conceivable, but prehistoric cave paintings have been uncoformed that appear to depict an unusual type of gathering amongst the characters in the painting.

One can easily draw comparisons between complex animal movements or animal mating rituals (such as a bee dance or the mating dance of a bird) and human dance forms. In human culture it can form part of social expression and interaction and can be performed in a variety of context – whether social, cultural, aesthetic, or artistic, this will define its meaning and because there are a wide variety of styles it can be ' performed 'individually, with a partner or in a larger group.

A very recent phenomena known as a 'Flash Mob' is when a large group of people put on their dancing shoes in an open public space for a short period of time to the amusement of startled onlookers. These events are organized using public spaces and social networking sites to generate participant interests.

Competitions in jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and tap dancing (providing the perfect platform for tap shoes) take place, whereas Dancesport though a competitive dance focuses on ballroom and Latin dancing. The popularity of competitive dancing has seen a number of television programs with a central dance theme such as 'Strictly Come Dancing' in the UK and 'So You Think You Can Dance' in America.

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