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[ad_1] 'Episode VIII' leans heavily on references to the originals, and that doesn't play with young audiences in the world's No. 2 market.read more [ad_2] Source

[ad_1] Kate McIntyre Clere and Michael McIntyre's doc 'Kangaroo' looks at the complicated relationship Australians have with their most famous animal.read more [ad_2] Source link

[ad_1] Mozambique’s first-ever Oscar foreign-language film entry 'The Train of Salt and Sugar' is an epic tale of peril and endurance on an arduous

[ad_1] A group of friends venture into a supposedly haunted house in Johnny Martin's low-budget horror film 'Delirium.'read more [ad_2] Source link

[ad_1] 'On Borrowed Time,' a Palm Springs world premiere from the United Arab Emirates, features a quartet of grumpy old men looking for liberation

[ad_1] Having picked up fest awards on both sides of the pond, ‘Lots Of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle,' Gustavo Salmeron’s documentary homage

[ad_1] As it expanded nationwide, 'The Post' ranked second with $23.4 million.read more [ad_2] Source link

[ad_1] 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' crumbled 91 percent in its second weekend in China, earning just $2.4 million — a shocking flameout for

[ad_1] Oscar-winning British animator Nick Park, creator of the Wallace and Gromit shorts as well as 'Chicken Run,' returns with 'Early Man,' a claymation

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